Artintech’s IndustrioTech™ Community Grows

After almost a year of background activities, now IndustrioTech community of Industry 4.0 professionals and enthusiasts has its own website:

Together with IndistroTech’s social media channels, now the website provides a better platform to connect, network, learn and grow. The community has so far had published articles, career development assistance, events and seminars on various Industry 4.0 topics, and networking events.

Now with this new website, the members will have an opportunity to share their ideas and publish their thoughts on the future of technology, the role of new technologies in solving industry issues, and potential opportunities in moving towards complete digital transformation.

What is industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the expression used to address the current technological advancement in the industries. It is referred to the application of technology to improve, modernize, connect, and streamline industrial processes. Technologies such as industrial IoT, artificial intelligence, robotics, additive manufacturing, and advanced data analytics.

How about Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation refers to the use of digital technology to evolve or create new business processes. It is the process of collecting and analyzing data and leveraging technology to improve business processes. Digital transformation is about evolving your business by utilizing new technologies and rethinking your solutions to existing and new business problems. Some companies think of digital transformation as converting all previously used paper-based processes into electronic documents. This is wrong! Digital transformation is about looking at new possibilities to solve the issues and being innovative to find the most efficient way to resolving these issues with the help of technology. Some of the old ways of doing business have been created because of the lack of new technologies, those procedures would have been the best solutions. However, the new technologies might provide you with possibilities that enable you to innovate new solutions that are cost-effective, fast, and more accurate.

Artintech’s IndustrioTech™ Community Grows

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