Enhance Compliance Management with Artintech's Audit Control Software

Always be on top of your scheduled audits and never miss your processes evaluatios.

Ensure Compliance and Streamline Auditing Processes with Artintech ERP's Audit Control Software

The Artintech ERP’s audit control module provides comprehensive tools to ensure that your organization’s operations are compliant. With features such as audit list, audit alerts, and schedule, you can proactively manage and monitor your organization’s audit activities. The module also offers detailed audit reports and audit history, allowing you to track changes and identify potential issues. With external and internal audit profiles, you can easily manage different types of audits and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. The Artintech ERP’s audit control module is an essential tool for any organization looking to maintain a robust and effective audit control framework.

  • Audit list

    Organize and manage your audit tasks with ease by creating and assigning them to specific individuals or teams. The audit list feature enables you to keep track of all the audits that need to be performed and their progress status.

  • Audit Alerts and Schedule

    Never miss an audit deadline again with the audit alerts and schedule feature. This feature allows you to set up alerts and notifications for upcoming audits, ensuring that you stay on top of your audit control activities.

  • Audit Reports

    Generate detailed reports for all your audit activities with the audit reports feature. This feature provides you with a range of customizable reporting options, including graphical representation, export to various formats such as PDF, Excel, CSV, etc.

  • Audit History

    Keep track of previous audit activities with the Audit History feature. This feature enables you to view a comprehensive record of all audits previously performed, including who performed them, when they were performed, and the outcomes of the audits.

  • External and Internal Audit Profiles

    Manage different types of audits and comply with regulatory requirements with the external and internal audit profiles feature. This feature allows you to create different audit profiles for different types of audits, such as financial audits, IT audits, and compliance audits, and define specific audit requirements for each profile.

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