Elevate Supply Chain Efficiency with Artintech's Shipping and Distribution ERP Module

This module helps you track your packing lists based on sales orders, check your truck loads and in-transit items, get customer signature on delivery point, and much more.

Streamline Your Shipping Process with Artintech ERP's Shipping Module

Artintech ERP’s shipping module is an all-inclusive solution designed to streamline your entire shipping process. With components such as pick, pack, load, in-transit report, delivery list, delivery signature, delivery real-time reporting, and more, you can ensure that every step of the shipping process is completed accurately and efficiently. The pick and pack components allow you to easily manage inventory, pick and pack items, and create shipment labels. The in-transit report and delivery list components provide real-time visibility into the location of your shipments and their estimated delivery times. With the delivery signature and real-time reporting components, you can ensure that your customers receive their orders promptly and with minimal errors. Artintech ERP’s shipping module is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes that want to enhance their shipping process and ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Pick

    Check all your open pick lists based on the issues sales orders. Register which vehicle is in charge of each delivery.

  • Pack

    Check, print, or save packing slips for each of the deliveries.

  • Load

    Load your trucks and record what goes where.

  • In Transit

    Check all goods in transit based on the transportation method/vehicle.

  • Delivery & Signature

    Deliver your products and get customer information on delivery point.

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