Elevate Supplier Performance with Artintech's Supplier Assessment Module

Manage your supplier assessment criteria and rating. Rate them and monitor their performances with advanced Artintech supplier control module.

Streamline Your Supplier Management Process with Our Advanced Artintech Supplier Control Module

Artintech ERP offers a comprehensive solution for managing your supplier assessment criteria and rating. Our advanced Artintech supplier control module allows you to monitor your suppliers’ performance, rate them, and keep track of their certificates and licenses. With our powerful search and filter feature, you can quickly find the right suppliers that meet your specific needs. Our supplier control module also includes a supplier list of services and past performance history features, enabling you to match your needs with the capabilities of your suppliers and make informed decisions when selecting suppliers.

  • Supplier list

    Regigistor your suppliers into the software and their add their services to your company.

  • Supplier Certificate List

    Now, you can add your supplier's required certificates into your system and get notified when is due to be renewed.

  • Supplier Rating

    Frequently rate your suppliers per defined criteria and sort them per their performances.

  • View performance

    Multiple Designed defect graph per defect code, Cost and Quantity to visualize your supplier performances for further analysis.

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