Artintech at PITON’s June gathering

PITON is a non-profit Canadian organization, aimed to empower IT professionals, innovators, and entrepreneurs. In the last PITON’s monthly event, Amir Harandi, the CEO of Artintech was one of the guest speakers. In this Seminar, Amir discussed the role of digital transformation in the productivity of the industry. He also mentioned the challenges and pitfalls of Industry 4.0

The technologies used in the digital transformation of companies in the latest wave of industrial revolution are amazing. However, technology is just one part of the whole digital transformation process. While technologies such as AI and IoT play critical role in the success and competitiveness of the future companies, yet there are other challenges that needs to be addressed.

Change Management of this transformation is perhaps way beyond the implementation of technology tools. We need to look into issues like cultural adaptability and business process optimizations too. Even the best technologies, software applications, robots, and IoT networks, would not be useful if your staff refuse to use them properly. Planning for the digital transformation involves redesigning business processes, redesigning insensitive models, investing in personnel training, and managing work-culture changes.

A 360° change is what makes a digital transformation a successful investment where the company gains a competitive advantage over competitors and stands out in the industrial intense rivalry.

Artintech at PITON’s June gathering

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