Artintech's Sales CRM Software: Empowering Sales Excellence

Manage Sales Orders, Proforma Invoices, Invoices, and more. Create a visual product catalogue, plan your discounts or even check the performance of your sales representative.

  • Manage Customers

    Create a list and manage the attributes of your customers including their locations, their discount level and so on.

  • Proforma Invoice

    Help your clients make the buying decision. A proforma invoice gives them a clear idea of their invoice before confirming their sales order.

  • Sales Order

    Sales orders are easy to create, easy to modify, and easy to manage with our system. You can also create invoices and pick lists based on your SO.

  • Product Catalogue

    Empower your sales people with a visual catalogue with several filters and easy to use order-taking functionality.

  • Sales Reports

    Sales report of product, top customer list, best selling product, profit margin of each sales, sales history of each product, and many other reports create the clarity that managers need in their decision making process.

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