Artintech and CDI College: Pioneering Education-Industry Collaboration

Artintech Inc. is thrilled to announce its new collaboration with CDI College Mississauga, paving the way for an innovative educational partnership. This collaboration brings a unique opportunity for students to engage in an Artintech Online Certificate Program, focusing on supply chain management and ERP system administration.

The partnership promises to offer CDI College students valuable Co-Op positions at Artintech Inc., blending academic knowledge with practical industry experience. This initiative aligns perfectly with the college’s curriculum, ensuring a seamless integration of learning and application.

This collaboration is not just a step towards enhancing the students’ academic journey; it also equips them with critical industry insights and hands-on experience in digital transformation and ERP systems. With a focus on fields like Business Administration, Information Technology, and Operations and Supply Chain Management, this partnership is set to boost employability and prepare students for successful careers in the industrial sector.

Artintech Inc. and CDI College Mississauga are committed to implementing this program effectively, including steps like program promotion, student eligibility assessment, and Co-Op program management. This alliance represents a shared vision of empowering students through education and practical experience, marking a significant milestone in the journey of both institutions.

Artintech and CDI College: Pioneering Education-Industry Collaboration