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About Artintech Inc.

Artintech Inc., based in Toronto, is a leading tech solutions provider, dedicated to addressing manufacturing and supply chain challenges through digital transformation. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to offer innovative business solutions and boost individual empowerment. Our mission is to enhance human quality of life by refining human-machine collaboration. By integrating modern digital systems, we enhance processes, reduce mistakes, and simplify operations. Our emphasis on digital transformation removes mundane tasks, paving the way for individuals to engage in more creative roles. At Artintech, we envision a harmonious future where humans and machines collaborate seamlessly through digital advancements.

Our Mission

Artintech Inc. aims to facilitate companies’ digital transformation journeys, assisting them in cutting costs, enhancing productivity, and refining business operations. By delegating machine-oriented tasks to advanced machines, we empower human resources to concentrate on creative and high-value endeavors. Our vision is to develop sophisticated machines capable of supporting individuals and communities in overcoming their diverse challenges.

Operations, Quality, and Supply Chain Management Software

Amir Harandi

Chief Executive Officer

A message from our CEO

Artintech was established with the ambition to harness technology to elevate the human experience. We’ve ventured into diverse arenas, all aimed at crafting a space where individuals find purpose in their endeavors. We advocate for machines taking on the routine, paving the way for humans to dive into roles filled with creativity, joy, and fulfillment.

Historically, technological breakthroughs have unlocked unprecedented horizons for us, from lunar missions to interplanetary explorations, and bridging global gaps through the power of handheld communication. We’ve also witnessed monumental progress in medical breakthroughs, conquering diseases once deemed unbeatable. As a beacon in the tech landscape, Artintech is fervently committed to continuing this legacy, driving the next chapter of human advancement.

Our vision is to amplify human potential, enabling everyone to chase their passions uninhibitedly. By streamlining operations and sidelining mundane tasks, we set the stage for endeavors demanding human touch, imagination, and zeal. At Artintech, our pledge is to pioneer pathways for human progression, sculpting a future where dreams know no bounds.

Meet the Artintech Family

Every Artintech member is driven to shape a future where advanced technologies elevate joy and efficiency. We innovate passionately, craft solutions, and always find joy in our journey.


Fauad Shariff

Geoff Simonett

Lindsay McMurray

Rida Kabrtai

Ehsan Daneshgar

The Team


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Business Development Manager

Our Commitment

At Artintech, we are committed to help businesses modernize their processes, automate their tasks, achieve maximum efficiency, minimize waste of valuable time and resources, and reduce the cost of operations as much as possible. Modern computer software applications, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and IoT tools are examples of what Artintech has utilized to assist companies with their journey to successful digital transformation.

Our Technologies

Artintech solutions are designed to improve the work processes at manufacturing, operations, and supply chain. Ranging from procurement to warehousing, from sales and distribution to manufacturing, from quality control to maintenance, they are all there to empower experts at operations and supply chain processes and facilitate their transformation to the digitized work environment.

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Corporate Training

Artintech Corporate Training programs are designed to help create better knowledge workers in digitally empowered industrial environments. These programs ensure every investment our clients make in training becomes an organizational asset to make their company outstanding in performance and quality.

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Certified Partner Network

Artintech’s Certified Partner Network is an ecosystem of qualified international consultants uniquely trained to help businesses take full advantage of all that Artintech technologies have to offer. With the help of our certified partners around the world, companies find ways to reduce their cost of operations and improve their business processes by implementing Artintech technologies.

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