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Manufacturing, Operations &
Supply Chain Management

About Artintech Inc.

Artintech Inc. is a technology development company focused on resolving operations and supply chain challenges with the power of digital systems and artificial intelligence. At Artintech we use the latest technologies to find solutions for business problems and empower the people who manage operations, manufacturing, services, and supply chain. We improve Human-Machine interaction and enhance human quality of work-life with advanced intelligent machines.

Our Mission

To be an enabler for companies in their journey of digital transformation. To help companies reduce their costs, increase their productivity, and streamline their business processes. To enable human resources to focus on more creative and human-level works by leaving machine-works to machines. To create machines advanced enough to help people and communities with all their challenges and problems.

Amir Harandi

Chief Executive Officer

A message from our CEO

When we started Artintech, we were thinking of all the different ways that we could use technology to improve people’s quality of life. We tried various projects, from fashion design to healthcare, from inventory management to e-commerce. The more we tried, the more we had to think about the meaning of life itself. There are many areas in which people can be happier in their personal life. But how about the part of our life that we are spending at the workplace? Why do people work? Are we happy at the workplace? Do we work because we love that job, or do we work to earn enough money to be satisfied when we are back from work and during our retirement ages?

As a technology company, we do not have all the answers. However, we can do our part in creating an environment where people find meaning in what they are doing. Making machines do what machines do the best and leaving humans with human-works to do. Automating repetitive mechanical and routine works would be a part of this journey. People should be able to do what they love: creative, fun, and meaningful works. For thousands of years, the ongoing evolution of technology has expanded the boundaries of the possibilities for human beings. Flying to the moon, reaching beyond visible planets, communicating with people in far distances with audio and video on the palm of our hands, and curing an unbelievably large number of diseases are just examples of what we have already accomplished as advanced species. Artintech will be a part of human evolution to the possibilities of the future. That is what we dream of, and that is what we are committed to.

Our Commitment

At Artintech, we are committed to help businesses modernize their processes, automate their tasks, achieve maximum efficiency, minimize waste of valuable time and resources, and reduce the cost of operations as much as possible. Modern computer software applications, artificial intelligence, cloud technology, and IoT tools are examples of what Artintech has utilized to assist companies with their journey to successful digital transformation.

Our Technologies

Artintech solutions are designed to improve the work processes at manufacturing, operations, and supply chain. Ranging from procurement to warehousing, from sales and distribution to manufacturing, from quality control to maintenance, they are all there to empower experts at operations and supply chain processes and facilitate their transformation to the digitized work environment.

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Corporate Training

Artintech Corporate Training programs are designed to help create better knowledge workers in digitally empowered industrial environments. These programs ensure every investment our clients make in training becomes an organizational asset to make their company outstanding in performance and quality.

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Our Certified Partner Network

Artintech’s Certified Partner Network is an ecosystem of qualified international consultants uniquely trained to help businesses take full advantage of all that Artintech technologies have to offer. With the help of our certified partners around the world, companies find ways to reduce their cost of operations and improve their business processes by implementing Artintech technologies.

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Meet Artintech family

Every member of Artintech team is committed to playing a role in creating the future that we all dream of. A future of advanced technologies where people live happier and machines work smarter! We work hard, we keep innovating, we develop solutions, and most importantly, we don’t forget to have fun.


Founder, CEO


Corporate Training Coordinator


Regional Business Development Executive


Corporate Training Support


Digital Campaign Specialist


Regional Business Development Executive​


Full Stack Developer


Digital Transformation Advisor


Product Partner,
Supply Chain Specialist


Corporate Training Support


Supply Chain Specialist


Sales and Marketing Advisor


CTO, Product Partner,
System Architect


Regional Business Development Executive


Regional Corporate Training Coordinator


Product Partner,
Quality Management Advisor


Product Partner,
Ai & Robotics Developer


Senior Sales Advisor


Senior Business Development Consultant


Product Specialist


Regional Business Development Executive


Product Specialist