Event Overview: Quality Management Digital Transformation Seminar

Date and Location

The seminar on Quality Management Digital Transformation took place on March 6th, 2024, in North York, Toronto, Canada. This pivotal event was organized by Artintech Inc., and took place with the collaboration of the ICEA organization, marking a significant moment for professionals in the field of quality management.


The primary goal of the event was to bring together experts in quality management and professionals from various industries to share insights, strategies, and technological advancements in quality management digital transformation. The seminar aimed to address critical topics including planning, implementation, and change management for quality improvement, alongside introducing innovative digital tools to enhance quality management systems.

Speakers and Contributions

  1. Dr. Ali Izadi provided comprehensive insights into the planning and implementation aspects of quality management, focusing on the strategic approach required to ensure effective execution.
  2. Reza Jerdi, CQE, discussed how technological advancements in the field, particularly highlighting the Artintech ERP tool and software modules designed to optimize Quality Management Systems. His presentation showcased how digital transformation tools can revolutionize the way organizations approach quality management.
  3. Dr. Amir Harandi talked about the history of Artintech ERP’s journey and how the system is providing affordable and simple software solution to complex problems faced by SMEs in manufacturing and supply chain.


The event attracted quality management experts and attendees from a wide range of industries, indicating a strong interest in the intersection of quality management and digital transformation. The diverse background of the participants fostered rich discussions and networking opportunities, facilitating knowledge exchange and collaborative learning.

Key Topics Discussed

  • Quality Management Planning: Strategies for developing comprehensive quality management plans that align with organizational goals.
  • Implementation of Quality Management: Best practices for executing quality management plans effectively.
  • Change Management for Quality Improvement: Techniques and approaches for managing change processes to enhance quality outcomes.
  • Digital Transformation Tools for Quality Management: An overview of cutting-edge digital tools and technologies that are transforming quality management practices.
  • Artintech ERP Tool and Software Modules for Quality Management System: A detailed look at how Artintech’s ERP solutions are specifically designed to support and improve quality management systems.

Event Impact

The seminar on Quality Management Digital Transformation marked a significant milestone, offering valuable insights into how digital technologies can be leveraged to enhance quality management practices. The collaboration between Artintech Inc. and ICEA organization in hosting this event underscored the importance of partnership and knowledge sharing in driving the future of quality management.

The discussions and presentations provided actionable strategies and introduced innovative tools that participants could apply within their organizations to achieve higher quality standards and efficiency. This event not only served as a platform for learning and networking but also as a catalyst for fostering advancements in quality management digital transformation.

Event Overview: Quality Management Digital Transformation Seminar