Project Management

A 360° view of the project, fully integrated with your inventory system.

Manage your project all from one simple panel. Manage your project sales funnel, task checklist, material, invoices, and direct costs, all from a single dashboard.

  • Project Proposals

    Prepare your project proposals and track the progress of your proposal approval step by step.

  • Project Dashboard

    Control your project information, task lists, due dates, material, progress, contractors, costs, and invoices all from an easy-to-use project dashboard.

  • Project Material

    Assign material to a project, manage them, check the shortage of supplies for your proposals, and automate the project inventory updates.

  • Project Direct Costs

    Automatically calculate project cost of materials. Then add other direct costs to it and check the total direct cost of your project.

  • Project Invoices

    Issue invoices for your project as you go. The project dashboard will help you identify the items that need to be invoiced.

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