ProcePax™ Release Notes 2.0.6

  • Change Catalog Dialog Table Formatting to show clear distinctions between rows, even with long warehouse names, now text will overflow
  • Normalize Database Models, this will make deployments faster and adds additional back end fields
  • Turn catalog form red if qty requested > greater than stock
  • Integrate buttons into sales order dialog to make more user friendly on tablet
  • Integrate buttons into catalog dialog to make more user friendly on tablet
  • create increment button component to allow easy incrementing on tablet
  • Various bug fixes and backend changes
  • update logic for prcpx date component to allow changing the date any time
  • In sale order get and display amount of products in warehouse
  • normalize fields between sale order and catalog
  • Remove Purchase Order from catalog dialog
  • Autofill sales order due date
  • Fix redirect bug on add sales order and add invoice order
  • Change Style for QuickLinks
  • Add Checkboxes to all Due Dates in Due Dates Page
  • Catalog Dialog Style Redesign to allow all form fields for each item
  • Show all warehouses in catalog even when no Stock
  • Fix Blank Warehouse Bug in Catalog
  • Update Logic For General Date Picker Components
  • Auto Fill Estimated Delivery Date with Current Date in Sale Order
  • Change Quicklinks in Dashboard to buttons
  • Auto Update Product data after Cart Sale Order
  • Display List of All Warehouse in sale order, even when there is 0 inventory
ProcePax™ Release Notes 2.0.6

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