Integrate aRTiNtECH supply chain management system with your QuickBooks

“Why should we have redundancies in our data entry?” A client asked us in the early days of our supply chain management software.  Well, you don’t! With simple setting adjustments, aRTiNtECH SCM software communicates directly with QuickBooks accounting software. The result? You don’t need double data entry anymore. When synced, the two software communicate internally and their updates will appear on both systems without any manual data entry.

Why is it so important? Your accountant will be extremely happy! Let me explain:

1- No one but your accountant needs to touch the accounting software. It means way less human errors and much higher security level.

2- No more hassle of listing, printing, editing, and re-entering the invoices, receipts, inventory information, orders, and so on! aRTiNtECH SCM will pass all of this information to the accounting software and your accountant can focus on what really matters.

3- Training is no more a headache. Your non-accounting employees don’t need to learn the complicated accounting software. The aRTiNtECH Supply Chain Management system is much easier to learn. For example, a driver needs a very short training session to learn all he needs to use in the Artintech SCM and you can quickly and with confidence let him start his real work. Same goes to the inventory controller and other staff.

So what do we suggest? Nothing! Just happy Supply Chain Managing with aRTiNtECH SCM.


Integrate aRTiNtECH supply chain management system with your QuickBooks

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