Manage the A-to-Z of your procurement process

With the Procurement Module, you will always be on top of your game. Never go out of stock or overstock, and always select the best offers from your top suppliers.

  • Reorder List

    Know exactly which products to order, how much to order, and which supplier to pick without going out of stock or overstock.

  • Quote List

    Receive quotes from your suppliers with all necessary details. Add new quotes manually or automatically through supplier portal.

  • Quote Comparison

    Compare your quotes for any product, filter, sort, and analyze your quotes for that product, and make sure you are only selecting the best offers from the best suppliers.

  • Purchase Order

    Create purchase orders and keep track of their fulfillment detail.

  • Supplier Invoice

    Keep track of supplier invoice status and flag them if you must.

  • Supplier Control

    Manage the list and detail of each supplier. Assign preferred supplier to a product, keep track of supplier performance, and easily rate your suppliers.

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