Supply Chain Software

Reduce operations cost.
Increase transparency & control.
Eliminate human errors.
Streamline your operations.

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ProcéPax™ is the ultimate software to manage your supply chain.


Sourcing and procurement are central to cost leadership and quality management. ProcéPax™ makes it easy to make procurement decisions by letting you compare your options and choose the best source and then easily put your purchase order.


Receiving the items in you warehouse, managing multiple warehouses with multiple segments, and keeping track of items as you move them in your warehouse, are now much easier and faster by using ProcéPax™ warehousing module.


Managing inbound and outbound inventory, creating and managing bills of material (BOM) and keeping track of productions, are now easy and convenient with the ProcéPax™ BOM module.

Sales & Distribution

Taking orders from your customers, managing special discounts, managing your deliveries and packing slips, and invoicing your clients right away, are just parts of what you get with ProcéPax™ Supply Chain Software.

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