A system to manage the quality processes you need to excel!

Artintech ERP’s quality solution is a modern and easy-to-use Quality Management System (QMS) which assists you in monitoring and tracking your quality processes.

Quality Management System

Providing comprehensive set of tools to help the company to meet their set target, Artintech ERP’s QMS module is a necessary part of quality improvement process of any operation.

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Explore Artintech ERP's QMS Modules

Document Control

Manage all your QMS documents including the Procedures and Work instructions. Monitor Revision and Review per Defined Frequency.

Audit Control

Manage all your Audit dues as well as the results based on your internal Audit Matrix.

Supplier Control

Keep a track on your approved supplier list and performances, raise SCAR and monitor their responses.


Raise Internal Nonconformance, monitor the Root Cause Corrective/ Preventive actions.

Training Control

Build your training matrix and keep track of your employees training history, and due dates.


Register your measuring tools, define the calibration frequency, and get the report of past-due and due tools for calibration.


Making a Dynamic Reports to monitor the process performances


Initiate the PFMEA, referred to customer or internal rejections, prioritize the next step per RPN.


Receive automatic alerts and reminders for action performance.

Why Artintech ERP?

Cloud Flexibility

Artintech ERP’s QMS is a cloud based system. It means that you have safe full access to your system from anywhere in the world and all of the events, movements, changes, and updates, are instantaneously synchronized throughout the system. 


Artintech ERP accepts and provides API, CSV, and direct connectivity. It means that you connect this system to your ERP, QMS, or many other related or legacy systems in your existing processes.


Artintech ERP is compatible with many types of inputs and outputs. Bar-code scanners, portable printers, tablets, desktops, and laptops, most of the popular browsers and screen sizes. It is an integrated, natural, compatible part of your business processes.


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