Truck and Trailer Inspection Software

Artintech InsPax™ is a modern conveyance inspection software which assists your team to carry the
inspection process with ease. It allows inspections to be securely saved in a database for future access but can also be used to analyze data for better truck scheduling and performance analysis.
We can modify the modules to adapt to your needs. Providing an easy to access inspection form and filing system, InsPax™ is a necessary part of your supply chain improvement process of any operation.

Explore Artintech InsPax™ Inspection Modules

Inspection Forms

Easily fill up the inspection forms and capture the information in a central database for future reference.

Data AnalyticPurchasing

All container inspections are saved, allowing them to be easily compiled and reported for planning and decision making.


Ability to send notifications to managers upon inspection completion.

Document Control

Inspections are filed instantly, and past inspections can be easily retrieved.

Time Stamp

Ensures integrity of inspection completion.

Image Capture

Enables image capture and saved for future dispute resolution if needed.

Why Artintech InsPax™ Truck and Trailer Inspection?

Cloud Flexibility

Artintech InsPax™ is a cloud based system. It means that you have safe full access to your system from anywhere in the world and all of the events, movements, changes, and updates, are instantaneously synchronized throughout the system. 


Artintech InsPax™ Truck and Trailer Inspection System accepts and provides API, CSV, Excel File, and direct connectivity. It means that you connect this system to your CRM, Accounting software, SCM, WMS, ERP, QMS or many other related or legacy systems in your existing processes.


Artintech InsPax™ is compatible with many types of inputs and outputs. Bar-code scanners, portable printers, tablets, desktops, and laptops, most of the popular browsers and screen sizes. It is an integrated, natural, compatible part of your business processes.


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