Manage your warehouse & inventory with minimum effort.

Keep track of the movement of goods and materials throughout your multiple warehouses and beyond. Manage your transfer orders, and quickly locate your inventory.

Efficiently Manage Your Inventory with Artintech ERP's WMS Module

Artintech ERP’s warehouse management module is an essential tool for any business that needs to manage their inventory efficiently. The module offers a range of components, including receiving, transfer order, inventory reports, inventory counting and adjustment, asset value, and more. With Artintech ERP’s warehouse management module, businesses can track their inventory in real-time, optimize their storage space, reduce stockouts, and streamline their supply chain processes. Additionally, the module’s asset value component provides a comprehensive overview of a company’s assets, making it easier to manage and track them. With Artintech ERP’s warehouse management module, businesses can improve their warehouse operations, save time and money, and ultimately enhance their bottom line.

  • Receiving

    Register each material receiving with details such as batch/lot number, cost of material, and inventory location details.

  • Transfer Order

    Create a list of all necessary material movements in your warehouse and register their new locations with a click of a button.

  • Inventory counting and adjustment

    Maintain accurate inventory levels by using a user-friendly interface to conduct periodic physical inventory counts and ad hoc adjustments.

  • Inventory Reports

    Check the availability of items in your warehouse at product level, location level, and batch breakdown level. Locate your inventory with a couple of clicks.

  • Extended Reports

    Reports such as asset value and inventory aging reports are important pieces of information that facilitate the decision making process.

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