Artificial Intelligence for Supply Chain Managers

The workshop will empower supply chain management decision-makers to make informed decisions about AI projects, better communicate with technical experts, and potentially save millions of dollars for their organizations.

Why do companies need this training?

AI is the new buzz word in the supply chain management industry. It has driven a massive amount of attention and investment into related projects and many technical developers have started to learn to create AI systems. Moving towards the AI-powered system would save millions of dollars for companies. However, blindly following the trends would cost organizations even more.

This course is designed to help SCM decision-makers (with possibly limited AI technical knowledge) to better understand opportunities and business potentials of Artificial Intelligence. The course will also help understand the pitfalls and potential issues of AI and how to avoid them.

Who this training is for:

Sample training modules

Our training modules will be designed based on your organization’s needs. Each organization needs distinct courses with specific content. Here are some examples of these modules: