Warehouse Management System

Transform your operations and supply chain management with Atintech ProcePax™ WMS (Warehouse Management System). Use dynamic insights across planning, procurement, receiving, inventory, warehouse, and distribution business processes.

Explore Artintech ProcePax™ WMS Modules


Manage your suppliers, list their qualifications, keep their track record, be in total control.


Create and manage your purchase orders. List previous POs and be on top of your game.


Receive your orders based on issued POs or by item. Control the quality of your inbound.

Inventory Control

Be aware of your stock level with one click. Know exactly what you have, where you have them, and how much is left.

Mobile Warehouse

Do not limit your storage to your warehouses. Every moving vehicle is a moving warehouse. Be strategic in taking your products closer to your clients.

Reorder Point

Never miss an order because of being out of stock. Be proactive and receive alerts when its time to put new orders.

Multi-level Product Categories

Organize your products in as many categories and subcategories as you want. You have a total freedom of designing your multi layer product tree.

Multi-level Warehouse Section

Organize your warehouse into as many sections and subsections as you need. Create sections, Rack, Shelves, and Bins, or simply name storage areas.

Inventory Reporting

Manage like a pro. Have a full control over status of your inventory, its movement, level, logs, or future needs. Reporting is essential and possiblities are unlimited.

Product Catalogue

Products and their inventory level are well organized in a nicely displayed catalogue whether you need to use it internally or showcase to a client.


Know where your assets and products are at any given point. Know how they move, where they have come from, and where have they gone by date and full log.

Sales Process Tracking

Track your sales process to enable your purchasing department strategically forecast and manage your future needs. Be prepared and proactive.

Why Artintech ProcePax™ WMS?

Cloud Flexibility

Artintech ProcePax™ is a cloud based system. It means that you have safe full access to your system from anywhere in the world and all of the events, movements, changes, and updates, are instantaneously synchronized throughout the system. 


Artintech ProcePax™ WMS accepts and provides API, CSV, and direct connectivity. It means that you connect this system to your CRM, Accounting software, CMS, or many other related or legacy systems in your existing processes.


Artintech ProcePax™ WMS is compatible with many types of inputs and outputs. Bar-code scanners, portable printers, tablets, desktops, and laptops, most of the popular browsers and screen sizes. It is an integrated, natural, compatible part of your business processes.


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