Webinar: Product Success from Patent to Sales

Artintech is honoured to be amongst the companies sharing their insight in this webinar. Our hope is that webinars like this bring experts together and help the supply chain and operations community rethink their traditional ways of doing business. The pandemic showed us that technology is, and will be our best friend in overcoming global crisis.

The COVID-19 pandemic has mobilized the local design community to develop products to respond to the health crisis. However, many of these efforts have been frustrated by lack of experience in the process of identifying, designing, and producing these products in a way that fits human-centred needs — as well as the regulatory and trade constraints of a successful product launch.

CORTEX DESIGN has brought together an all-star lineup of experts from Canada’s thriving engineering and manufacturing community to offer their insights about how engineers, designers and entrepreneurs can:

  • Navigate the patent process
  • Incorporate ethnography and deep empathy with users into product design
  • Use virtual simulation to lower risk and cost
  • Develop supply chain strategy and manufacture at scale
  • Overcome obstacles in regulatory compliance, testing and certification

… and more.


Philippe Boivin

Vice President, Corporate Affairs, INO

Dylan Horvath

President of Cortex Design Inc.

Dr. Suzie Dufour

Solutions Manager, INO

Ellen Hlozan

Community Manager at Autodesk Technology Centers

Dr. Amir Harandi


Garry Lee

Director of EMTS Lab

Mohsen Tayefeh

VP of Business Development & Manager of Hub of Simulation at Cortex

Tyson Fogel

Shop Supervisor at Autodesk Technology Centre, Toronto

Peter Keith P.Eng.

Senior Engineer and Technical Certifier at TÜV SÜD Canada

Dr. Mira Ray

Director, Research and Innovation, Georgian College

Dr. Maryam Davoudpour

Chair of IEEE Toronto Robotics Automation and Vice chair of WIE IEEE Canada

Dr. Ahmad Barari

Professor, University of Ontario Institute of Technology (Ontario Tech)
  • Thursday May 28th, 2020
  • 1PM-3:30PM

aRTiNtECH & Supply Chain Canada: Ai for SCM Professionals

This workshop is the product of strategic partnership of aRTiNtECH Inc. with Supply Chain Canada to provide supply chain professionals with managerial insight into the amazing world of AI. SCM professionals are in day to day communication with technology providers to take their companies one step further in the competitive business environment and this workshop will help them better communicate, make strategic decisions, and create value, when it comes to the artificial intelligence possibilities.

About the workshop:

AI is the new buzz word in the supply chain management area and pretty much any major industry. It has driven a massive amount of attention and investment into related projects, and many technical developers have started to develop and implement AI systems. Moving towards AI-empowered systems would save millions of dollars for companies. However, blindly following the trends would cost organizations even more. This course is designed to help SCM decision-makers (with possibly limited/no AI technical knowledge) to better understand opportunities and business potentials of Artificial Intelligence. The course will also help understand pitfalls and potential issues of AI and how to avoid them. The workshop will empower supply chain management decision-makers to make informed decisions about AI projects, better communicate with technical experts, and potentially save millions of dollars for their organizations.



  • Module 1: Introduction to AI
  • Module 2: Structure of AI Solutions
  • Module 3: Data and SCM Applications
  • Module 4: AI SCM Projects
  • Module 5: Ethics, Safety, and Biases


By the end of this program, you will:

  • Earn a certificate of achievement
  • Become a member of SCM Community of Artintech and get in touch with other experts
  • Better communicate with technical teams, investors, C-Suit leaders, and decision-makers, and other stakeholders about AI projects, capabilities, and cost drivers

Artintech at CAiAT 2019 Conference

CAiAT 2019 AI conference was a great experience for all of us at Artintech. The event was organized by PITON (Professional IT Occupational Network) and FICI (the First Institute of Canadian Inventors). Artintech was one of the four main sponsors of the conference along with Microsoft, Digiteens, and Vtract Robotics. The motto of the conference was Take Action and this is very much what we at Artintech value. Ryerson University and Humber college were supporting the event and VisionTo was the media sponsor of the conference. This was an example of a collaboration of many elements in the IT area. The conference was not talking about the future. It was rather focused on currently available tools of AI in a variety of industries. In 6 hours of the conference, 9 speakers delivered talks about how Ai is being used in their industries and encouraged audiences to participate in this new industrial revolution.

Another Workshop, Another Success Story

Our training team had a successful collaboration with CDI college today. The collaboration was to run a one-day workshop for Supply Chain Management students to help them have experience with ProcePax SCMS. This program is a part of our efforts in Artintech Inc. to bring Academia and Industry closer together. The more colleges and industry partners work together, the more students will be ready to bring value to the companies they are joining. Knowing the supply chain theory is undoubtedly very valuable. However, many students leave colleges without having a clear knowledge or experience of working with real SCM software. Here is where this collaboration is bridging the gap. CDI is committed to training knowledge workers, and so is Artintech. Today’s cooperation was a successful example of such commitments.

Artintech’s Seminar at ICUE Conference of IEEE-Ryerson

Artintech was invited as an industry partner of FICI (First Institute of Canadian Inventors) to the International Conference For Upcoming Engineers (ICUE) which is hosted by IEEE and Ryerson University, Toronto.

Artintech’s seminar on the evolution of technology covered a quick history of implications of tech development and a glance at the future and how current technologies would lead to ASI and Singularity. Sharing these ideas with young engineers was fascinating. It was interesting to see that in the Q&A session after the seminar, many of the audiences were concerned about the ethical implications of fast developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We believe that a powerful community is built by investment in technology, but a sustainable one is built on ethical principles, and this is what made this seminar especially interesting. To see the deep concerns of the tech community about the moral implications of AI advancement was heartwarming.

Artintech @ ICAE, Toronto

Artintech was invited to ICAE, a Toronto based community of Entrepreneurs for their March gathering. The event was excellent with wonderful audiences and brilliant people. At Artintech, we believe that technology will bring a new meaning to human life in the near future where money, life expectancy, and job will no longer carry the same meaning they do now. How is it possible to create an AI with higher intelligence than human? In this talk, some possible methods were presented to reach that level of intelligence including combining some of the well-known AI methods and creating synergy and accelerating enhancement by using evolutionary computation and maybe soon quantum computers. Reaching full capacity of AGI or ASI would be something far more advanced than the current AI level, yet the law of accelerating returns presented by Kurzweil is in effect and thus the Supper Intelligence is closer than it looks.

Fashion AI

One of the problems that we try to address is our AI research projects, is the definition of creativity. Fashion as a very dynamic domain of creativity is a good example of fields in which AI might have a challenging time to prove its capabilities.

FashionPax is our project to redefine human creativity in Fashion design. To what extent the fashion industry can distinguish between human design and machine design will remain a mystery to explore. What we are trying to do, is to evolve a new generation of intelligent designer machines. The field is really attractive as it will need solutions for image processing, feature extraction, deep learning, genetic algorithm, trend forecasting, and so on. But more importantly, it will be a philosophical challenge. Will machines be able to create a meaningful creative design? Let’s wait for future AI fashion designs and see if experts can separate them from human designs.

The next step in Artificial Intelligence

This week aRTiNtECH was the sponsor of an event hosted by PITON, A Professional IT Group in Toronto. The topic presented by aRTiNtECH was a topic we believe will move the AI to the next stage. Genetic Algorithm is an evolutionary computing algorithm that has its roots in nature. Inspired by Darwinian evolution and natural selection ideas, people like John Holland as early as the 1950s created an amazing yet elegant algorithm called genetic algorithm or evolutionary computing. GA (Genetic Algorithm) has been used in many different fields such as optimization problems, gaming, financial markets, and even design of NASA Mars Rover’s antenna. However, what is exciting for us in aRTiNtECH, is how this algorithm can evolve Artificial Neural Networks (Machine Brains). With the help of GA, we believe, instead of intelligent machines, future will see evolving intelligent machines. This means machines can evolve to super-machines without much intervention from the human side. Machines are going to be smarter, and the exciting part is that we don’t have any idea how smart they can get. Are they going to become self-aware? Are they going to be more creative than humans? We have to wait and see.

How to discover humanity using machines?

2018 was a wonderful year for aRTiNtECH. We had wonderful community interaction, awesome team development, amazing products and projects, and powerful partnerships. However, we take all of these as the bedrock for something greater.

The aRTiNtECH that we picture in our shared vision is a company that helps humankind become less machine. People are not machines and should not be treated as one. Our vision is to find the true meaning of being a human by enabling machines to do whatever a machine can do! It is only then that we can discover what is unique about human. Is intelligence unique to human? Is being a human means being creative? Is self-awareness what makes us unique? Are spiritual experiences exclusively reserved for our kind? We are not sure about most of the answers. What we know is that we have progressed. We know more than last year, last month, and even last week; And we are going to have a better understanding of who we are as we eliminate what we are not.

We believe people are not machines and we use this statement as a guideline to find our way through many doors of technology.

aRTiNtECH at VisionTo

Last Monday, Richmond Hill hosted a wonderful event. VisionTo as an active community building association, exhibited leadership in supporting and celebrating entrepreneurship. The event gathered many technology companies as well as local businesses to promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and community development. Seminars, programs, and the exhibition created an opportunity for the Richmond Hill and Toronto based community to get together, network, and learn about the existing opportunities and potentials.

Bringing entrepreneurs, the city officials, government officials, and business people closer together, is a type of initiatives that creates synergy and leads to a modern, reliable, and progressive community for the people of today, and the generations to come.

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