ARTINTECH ILCPax™ Intelligent Line Control

ILCPax™, Intelligent Visual Line inspection and sorting system

Improve remarkably the quality of your output products by integrating our high-end Intelligent Line-Controller Solution. Easily integrable, without any major modification to your production line, this solution helps you with Real-Time production line monitoring. Using Image Processing and highly compatible IoT solutions, ILCPAX reduces human errors and work labor and increases the work safety and line speed.

Explore Artintech ILCPax™ Intellignt Line Visual Inspection and Sorting

Real-Time Visual Monitoring

Using advanced image processing and machine learning techniques, our ILCPax system will be your extra eyes on production line with intelligent analysis of data gathered from reporting.

Custom Visual Quality Checks

Artificial intelligent used in this system will allow for visual identification of defects and issues with high precision.

Intelligent Sorting

The Robotic module of ILCPax connected to it's image processing and AI brain can manage sorting job in your production line.

Management Dashboard

The results of analysis will travel through our secure IoT channels and will appear right on your management dashboard. It adds clarity and control to your operations and decision making processes.

Why Artintech ILCPax™ Intelligent Visual Inspection and Sorting System?

Cloud Flexibility

Artintech ILCPax™ is a cloud-based system. It means that you have safe full access to your system from anywhere in the world and all of the events, movements, changes, and updates, are instantaneously synchronized throughout the system.


Artintech ILCPax™ accepts and provides API, CSV, and direct connectivity. It means that you connect this system to your QMS, CRM, Accounting software, CMS, or many other related or legacy systems in your existing processes


Artintech ILCPax™ is compatible with many types of inputs and outputs. Bar-code scanners, portable printers, tablets, desktops, and laptops, most of the popular browsers and screen sizes. It is an integrated, natural, compatible part of your business processes.


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